Kinley Harris

Kinley is a senior at Inola High School, and this will be her second year participating in Longhorn Media. She has lived in the town of Inola for six years with her mom, dad, two younger siblings, and toy Aussie. Kinley enjoys Longhorn Media because it provides her with multiple opportunities to be in an athletic environment. Sports have always been a passion of hers, and whether it’s baseball, volleyball, basketball, football, or any other sport you could possibly think of, you’ll probably find her wandering around one of their games. This, if you haven’t guessed it by now, is also what she enjoys most about her small town school. The sporting events are always full of energy, and you never fail to find a friendly face somewhere amongst the crowd. All sports aside, Kinley also finds great delight in music. She plays a variety of instruments, one of them being the guitar, and she plays rhythm guitar in the worship band at her church. Regardless of what she is currently involved in, Kinley believes that hard work is nonnegotiable. If you want to do something, try your hardest and give it nothing short of your all. It will make you a better person in the end.

Kinley Harris, Staff

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Kinley Harris