Dalton Norman

Standing close to 6’2 175 Dalton Norman is quite unique. He enjoys playing and watching basketball. He has a passion for football, working very hard at it day in and day out. He loves Oklahoma Football, and everything about it. He has a liking for music, not really country but hip-hop and other genres. Dalton loves spending time at the beach any time he is on a coast. He is also very close to his friends, he has a small circle but that circle is close knit. He is very involved with The Porch youth group, spending most Mondays and Wednesdays doing something with the youth. Mr. Norman is a junior in High school and this is his second year in Longhorn Media. He brings sports knowledge and a good attitude to the class. Dalton has attended Inola Public Schools since pre-k. He has a goal of playing college football, and graduating with a good degree, but is not sure what will come after that. I believe he will be a successful man in his future.

Dalton Norman, Staff

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Dalton Norman