Audrey Danker


Audrey Danker is a sophomore at Inola High School. This will be her first year taking

Longhorn Media, she is in this class to gain experience in filming, and editing. She brings her hard work and dedication to doing good, in class and making good grades everyday. Audrey plans to be good at editing, and filming by the end of the year. She enjoys sleeping, sports and enjoying time with her family, and friends. Audrey’s favorite hobby is playing sports, her interests include sports, science and working out. Because of her OCD, Audrey likes to clean and keep things very neat and organized, she is also very competitive when it comes to games. She has attended IHS for 12 years, her favorite thing about IHS is, the relationships she gets to build with each of her teachers and piers, she also loves playing sports along side her teammates at IHS.

Audrey Danker, Staff

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Audrey Danker