Anna Jo Helling

“Graves Into Gardens”~ Elevation Worship

I am a freshman in high school. This is the first year I have been in Longhorn Media. I am very excited to make videos about the school. I am very excited about the upcoming sport seasons.  I love playing volleyball and watching basketball. In my spare time I like fishing, riding four wheelers, and playing with my dogs. I have 2 goats named Bo and Milo, I have a pug named Pebbles, and 2 labs named Chase and Luke. My favorite sport teams are the Chiefs and the Sooners. I love getting to relax and watching football with my family. My favorite restaurant is either Chick-Fil-A or Canes. When I go to Chick-Fil-A I like to order the grilled chicken wraps. When I go to Canes I like to order the 3 finger combo.  My favorite game is Uno or chameleon. When I watch Netflix I love watching The Office or Gossip Girl. They are by far the best shows available. When I grow up I would love to go to college to become a doctor. My goals for this year include getting all A’s and passing 9th grade. I am involved in The Porch’s youth and enjoy going to church events. My favorite genre of music is Country and Christian.  I cannot wait to see what this year brings!

Anna Jo Helling, staff

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Anna Jo Helling