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Kaleb McGowan
Standing tall at five foot nine Kaleb is a big name in the basketball world here at Inola. Not for his play on the court, but for his color commentary. Numerous amounts of people describe Kaleb as a funny, laid back individual.
This is going to be Kaleb’s second year in Longhorn Media. He’s very excited to get the school year going, so he can start to see his friends every day; it’s his favorite thing about school. You won’t find a better Fortnite player. He boasts an astonishing 213 wins and counting. Kaleb is a master procrastinator. He loves going to Buffalo Wild Wings with his friends, but his favorite thing to do outside of school is definitely watching Oklahoma football. One thing is for sure, Kaleb is very excited to get this new school year going, and have another great year!

Kaleb McGowan, Staff

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