Connor O’Neal

Connor has been a part of Inola Public Schools since 5thgrade and is in his junior year of high school. His favorite thing about his high school is the Art class. In that class he has conjured up many different pieces of work he is very proud of. In his free time he spends time with his girlfriend Lexy and when he’s not he is drawing, playing mobile or console games, including Minecraft, sky and Legend of Zelda. He enjoys going on rides on his motorcycle. He has not yet attended Longhorn Media. He became interested in the class and what people do in it. Once he got the chance he jumped in the class as fast as he could. He feels like he adds a minimal amount of energy to the room and is mostly laid back and calm. He hopes to accomplish a certain insight to how many things work in media equipment and other aspects of that genre.

Connor O'Neal, staff

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