Brody Jenkins
To most people Brody Jenkins, aka Slim Thick, has a wild personality that will bring a smile to any room he steps foot in. Some people could look at him and see a scary and intimidating man, but in reality Brody’s just a really nice guy.
Brody can be one to get on people nerves, but life would be boring if there wasn’t someone like him. Although he’s not the wisest, he sure has his moments from time to time that people can actually appreciate. Mostly every time he has one of his outstanding ideas he’ll make sure to let everyone know.
Brody is busy with sports including football, wrestling and track. Once, someone hit him square in the chest.  After being hit, Brody said, “Blocked it!” That is now known as Brody's catchphrase. From that point on he’s literally blocked everything that’s came at me. Brody’s senior year should be by far his best year of his high school career.

Brody Jenkins, Staff

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