Summer Plans

How will you spend your summer?


Vanessa Mason and Anna Hibbard

During your High School years the lengthy summer breaks are often treasured and greatly looked forward to. The break is a time away from school meant to focus on whatever one desires or feels like doing, and makes way for many possibilities of how to spend your new found time.

With the months of time now on your hands, you might find some suggestions of how to spend it helpful. Juniors Abbi Diaz de Lion and Abigail Butts offered up their plans for the summer. Abbi wants to tan, focus more on building up her biking hobby, take up baking, hang out with friends, and work at her new job. Abigail is planning to go on a cruise, swim, take bike rides, go horseback riding, and take a break from work by frequenting coffee shops.

Several students are already thinking about the next school year. Many things about next year are going to be very different from what we’ve become accustomed to. Multiple beloved faculty members of Inola High School are moving to another school or job, and though we are forever grateful for what they’ve done here and are exciting for their next step in their lives, we will miss them dearly. On top of this, it makes one curious as to how the school will be once they’ve gone.

Though we’ll likely have to wait and see what the new school year will bring, it will be good to have a long break to relax and give our minds a break from schooling. Are you just as excited for the summer, and how exactly will you spend it?