Inola Snow Cone Shack

Sweet Treats


Inola sugar shack opened April 15 – October 15.  The hours are Monday-Friday 3-9 and Saturday 12-9. Once school gets out they will extend their hours to 12-9 everyday but closed Sunday. They updated their menus this season and added snow shakes this season. Those are up to 2 flavors of shaved ice layered with our whip of the day and topped with whipped cream. They have also added a homemade Espresso sweet cream to the menu “that is delicious and can be added to the top of every flavor” Quoted candy. The sugar shack also raised their prices this year just a bit. They haven’t raised  their prices in 4 years. They had to raise their prices due to covid and not being able to be open during the hard time we all had. The sugar shack is a family owned business by locals in Inola. Candy is the amazing owner who opened the sugar shack on her own four seasons ago. Thank you to Anna Jo Ceiling, Gabe Rogers, and Jayce Adkins, for helping Candy throughout these years and being some of the reasons that children and even adults are able to enjoy a sweet treat throughout the summer! Congratulations to Emily Patterson for becoming the manager of the Inola Sugar Shack! They’ll be hosting four farmers markets this summer from May through