World of Wordle


Dakota Russell and Vinny Parker

Wordle is a word game that started in October 2021 by a Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle. The game was purchased for at least 1 million dollars, by New York Times. Ever since wordle was created it became a very popular game with other people created game just like it. There are games like nerdle, weddle, poetl, and other ones where you can play multiply wordles at a time. Josh Wardle also made a reddit event that has gone popular world wide with millions of people doing it, it started as a white canvas and everyone can make a pixel of it themselves. He made one 5 years ago and started it up again this past April 1st. Wardle has a business partner who helped him with wordle and other developments named Palek shah. They both made wordle with the love of word games growing up and also wanted to create one so they did.