Show Week!

Mamma Mia 2022


Dakota Russell, staff


It’s officialy show week. The cast and crew have been working very hard for many weeks for this production.

The leads in the show are: Donna:Kaytlyn Eagleton, Rosie:Keaton Ellis, Tanya:Allie Bynum, Harry:Jonathan Menzel, Sam:Tyler Gleason, Bill:Hayden Cannaday, Sophie: Abbi Diaz De Leon, Ali: MaryGrace Maner, Lisa:Brooklyn Fuller, Sky: Landen Soderquist, Pepper: Ian Beuacayon, Eddie: Cooper Russell

Make sure to come and support these dedicated students. Ms.Tice, Mrs.Meeker, and Mrs.Combs are the wonderful teachers who have spent lots of their time on the musical.

Show Dates (Tickets $10 at the door)

  • April 1st and 2nd @7pm
  • April 3rd @3:30 pm