How to Survive High School

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How to Survive High School

Dakota Russell, Staff

How to Survive High School


High School can be a super exciting time in your life. Or super scary. As soon as you walk in you see many different types of people. It can be overwhelming. If you’ve seen a movie set in a stereotypical High school, real life is worse. The cheerleaders aren’t the only mean girls and the jocks aren’t the only bullys. Here’s a How To Guide on how to survive all this. 

Step one: Relax. You might think that everyone around you is watching your every move and judging it, but in reality most teens don’t care and are struggling to just stay awake. Don’t worry too much about what you look like. Wear what you feel comfortably in. No one is out to get you so chill out. Also you don’t need to talk bad about other people to seem cool. That will just cause drama for you.


Step two: Make friends. A big reason high school students enjoy being at school is because of their friends. Friends are the favorite thing about school for 50% of students according to the poll. I mean don’t get me wrong, you can’t just be friends with anyone. You want to be friends with people who are positive and happy. A drama filled group will only make you stressed. Go up to people! If someone is standing alone, there’s a good chance they’d love if you came and talked to them. So do it. There’s no need to be scared. What’s the worse that can happen. Another good thing to look for is someone who has a common interest with you.


 Step three: Join extracurriculars. Not only will this open up friendships, it will also be very fun. Find a class or club that seems interesting and join it. Figure out what you love and stick with it. Whether that’s a sport or something artistic or maybe a bit of both. These help keep you busy. You can also learn a lot of life lessons working with a team. It’s also great to support the clubs you’re not apart of. Like going to a sports game, watching a choir concert, and even cheering on the cheerleaders  at competitions. Here’s some examples and previews of some extracurriculars at Inola High School.


At the end of day, just try to enjoy. Poll results say only 36% actually like school. Take the advice in this story and maybe you could like it too. High school students spend most of their time at school. So might as well enjoy it. Don’t take it for granted. Check out this poll.