Valentines Day!

Madisyn Miller, Staff

You already know what time it is! Love is in the air as Valentines Day just recently passes. Flowers, chocolate, and teddy bears are everywhere! As always, everybody has different plans for the holiday that is considered special to many. Some go on dates, and some just stay at home and eat chocolate that you buy for yourself. No matter what the case may be, the air is still full of love. During the holiday full of love, many people are waiting for their loved ones. This year Valentine’s Day was on a Monday so many were waiting for their loved ones to get home from either work or school. For others the day went painfully slow as they watched others with their loved ones. Valentine’s Day can be hard for some people, such as widows. But that never stopped anyone from the day of love. Here’s what some of the Inola Longhorn students had to say about Valentine’s Day this year!