The Near Extinction of Pandas and Elephants?

I Bet You Didn’t Know…


Vanessa Mason, staff

You’ve likely seen many commercials regarding endangered animals, displaying pictures of them accompanied with sad music and a plea for a donation to save them. Most people ignore these ads, either because they don’t have the extra money to donate or they don’t see much done with donations given. But, have you ever actually considered how the extinction of these animals will affect our world? Even if you have considered this, most put these concerns to the side, believing that it will be a long time until these extinctions take place.

Because of global warming however, many habitats have been destroyed and food sources lessened. Because of this, some beloved animals found on a quick trip to the zoo may not be here in the next decade alone.

Wild animals such as pandas and elephants are likely to become extinct as soon as 2025. Could you imagine by the time you may have started a family it is a possibility that your children will never see a panda or elephant? Many children’s stories include animals like the ones expected to become extinct in the near future. Could you see yourself explaining to children who have never seen these creatures that they aren’t imaginary and were once very real?

When asked whether they were aware of their situation, Jayden Dugan exclaimed, “What? I didn’t know they were near going extinct. I thought they’d live quite a bit longer!”
Avery Tabor said, “That’s sad. It shows that people suck, and we need to do better.”
Sydney Biggs responded, “That is terrible! Save the pandas. I want one!”

The expected extinction of several animals due to climate change and other factors is a very real problem that we’re currently facing. If you’d like to keep them around, there are many professional sites dedicated to helping wildlife that accept donations. Spreading awareness regarding the situation is also extremely important! Let’s keep our precious pandas and elephants around!