Going For Gold

2022 Winter Olympics

Isaiah Burns


Isaiah Burns, staff

The 2022 Beijing Olympics started on February 4th. There are seven different sport disciplines and 91 countries from all over the world coming to compete in the winter games. Plus more than 2,000 athletes going for gold in the winter games.

The United States has won more than 315 medals in the history of the Winter Olympics. Some prominent names such as Nathan Chen, Mikaela Shiffrin and Shaun White are expected to be top contenders in the winter games.

The U.S came in 4th place in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics winning 37 medals. Exceptions are high for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Some challenges are slowing the team down. Athletes have complained that the fake snow  being used in the games is icier and less fluffy than naturally made snow. Athletes have also complained that the snow makes you go faster which can be dangerous causing athletes to get injured. Other athletes prefer the snow because it is more compact making it easier for some to do their events.

Covid is another challenge slowing the team down. Daily covid tests help keep infection rates low, but 32 U.S athletes have tested positive for covid so far. Some athletes have missed their events due to covid and testing delays.

Spirts still remain high as the U.S continues to win more medals and competitions continue on.