12 Day of Christmas: Teacher Edition

at the talent show

Vanessa Mason


Vanessa Mason, staff

This year the IHS Talent Show saw something new. Besides being filled to the brim with talented student performers, there was one special segment. It included a group of high school educators motivated by their love for students and jeans.
Each year, the junior class hosts a talent show to raise money for prom and other class functions. This year there were not only a record number of talent show performers, but the stakes were raised when it was brought to the teachers’ attention that if they performed they could wear jeans for the entire month of December.
Game. Set. Match.
The teachers rallied fellow educators around the familiar tune of the “Twelve Days of Christmas.” STEM Educator, Mr. Dixon and English Educator and Coach, Mr. Kvam agreed to be the main performers and act out each day of Christmas, and the IHS faculty more than joyfully agreed to be the backup singers. The acting duo of Dixon and Kvam practiced once, just the two of them, and then the group did a quick run through the morning before the talent show.
As the troupe hit the stage, wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and mischievous grins, it wasn’t long before the laughter began.
As the educators belted out, “A partridge in a pear tree,” Mr. Dixon posed as a tree, both arms branched outward in the air and Mr. Kvam poked his head just under Dixon’s arm, bellowing out a mighty, “Ka-kaw!”
The days of Christmas continued. Whether it was “geese a-laying,” when Mr.Dixon “laid” a plastic egg or “nine ladies dancing” when the teachers danced a little, so Mr. Dixon and Mr. Kvam could catch their breath, the Twelve Days of Christmas was an IHS Talent Show Hit.
It looks like this December the halls of  IHS will not only be filled with Christmas cheer, but denim too.