Our Tight-Knit Community

This Is Inola High School


Vanessa Mason and Selena Lor

Inola High School is unique in many ways , one of which includes our tightly knit community. Being a smaller town in the country, we are all connected-we all know one another and our families. In our High School, most students all know each other, and we are closer to one another because of it.

Many High School students are involved in Inola’s activities, taking great pride in our sports games and teams, band FFA and FCCLA, and many other things.

Our electives, sports, and clubs are full of participative and supporting students who encourage each other in games, tournaments, and competitions. Not only are students close in school, but outside of it as well.

Holidays and parades such as Hay Day are especially celebrated in the small town of Inola, and decorating the school and dressing up is something many students enjoy during the school year. Red Ribbon week and Pep assemblies are also appreciated by students and faculty, where students dress up as outlandish as possible for Red Ribbon week challenges and wear school colors during assemblies to show their support.

Inola High School is a place where students aren’t just merely close to each other but grow closer together every year and support each other in our similarities and differences. We are unique in many ways, and we are proud of the community we’re a part of.