Upcoming Blood Drives

Inola HIgh School Blood Drives

Isaiah Burns


Isaiah Burns, staff

    Inola High School teams up with the American Red Cross three times a year to put on a blood drive. The blood that is donated is vital in supporting the life saving effort of the Red Cross. The Red Cross uses the blood that is donated  all across the world to give blood transfusions to patients who have been in a car crash,  are going through child birth, cancer, blood disorders and many other life threatening conditions.

    You can help by donating at one of the upcoming blood drives at Inola High School on January 20th or on March 31st. You can sigh up on the American Red Cross website. If you are a student you can sign up by emailing Mrs.Meeker. You must be at least sixteen years old to donate, and if you are under the age of 18 you need to get a consent form signed by your parent.