ThanksGiving Break In Inola


Anna Hibbard, Staff

Thanksgiving Break is coming up very soon for Inola Schools! We asked our teachers what their favorite part of thanksgiving is…some said Seeing family, Eating turkey, giving thanks, and many more! We look  forward to thanksgiving for many reasons! A lot like the teachers said we get good food, see family, and much more but also we watch football, the thanksgiving parade and even some people  get to go see the parades in person! But in our own unique ways we do thanksgiving and make it our own in special ways! We could be eating  take out or a home cooked meal as long as we are with family we are very happy! we get a week long break from school. Hear that NO SCHOOL FOR A WHOLE WEEk!! As much as the teachers love us they definitely must enjoy this idea! We drive them nuts sometimes! But All in all this is how Inola celebrates Thanksgiving The longhorn way!