Respectable Students

This is Inola High School


Sydney Biggs, Staff

The students of Inola High School are curious, and caring. While in class the students pay close attention to the teachers, and let them finish teaching so as to not interrupt them. If the students do have a question or something to say they politely race their hand and wait to be called upon.  Students at Inola High School are very nice to each other, and it makes the schools reputation look very nice. Most of the students at Inola High School make sure that they are kind to each other. Many students will hold the door for anyone that is walking by them. There is no way to describe how great the Inola High School students are, but no matter who you ask they will tell you that students and faculty do an outstanding job everyday at being respectful. Everywhere you look in the Inola High School buildings you will see upstanding students who go out of their way to help and be kind to their teachers and others. You will also see the opposite, you will see upstanding teachers go out of there way to help their students.