Inola is All About Teachers

Grayson Griffin and Jaxon Marlin

Grayson Griffin

Inola’s teachers have an impact on all the students at Inola, and they don’t know how much it means to us. There is a lot we learn from teachers in school that we wouldn’t know if it wasn’t for them. Teachers often sacrifice their sanity to help us kids learn the things we will use in our adulthood.

The English teachers of IHS help us learn to use proper grammar, where to put a semi-colon, and more; so we are thankful for Ms. Gilmore, Mr. Kvam, Ms. Eagleton and Ms. Barnes for teaching us how to not write fragments.

Lindey Moss said this about one of her favorite English teachers Mr. Ferguson, “He did so much for me and explained things to me and made sure I understood stuff when I did have a question.”

The math teachers teach us how to find x and all those formulas that we use for our Algebra and Geometry problems; so we are thankful for Ms. Coltrane, Ms. Phillips, Ms. Marcotte and Mr. Combs for helping us learn what y-intercept form is.

The history teachers help us learn about the good and the bad of the past; so we are thankful for Mr. Swope, Mr. Hammack and Ms. Franks for teaching us about our past and the impact it has on the present.

The science teachers teach us what the Periodic Table means and how chemicals work; so we are thankful for Ms. Merryman, Ms. Williamson, Ms Fideline and Mr. Dickson for showing us some cool experiments.

And also, to the elective teachers that teach topics we don’t learn in the core classes like music, art, band, speech and debate. You also can’t forget about the coaches that teach their players tons of different things one doesn’t learn in classrooms, such as different plays, formations and teaching how to play as a team.

Brody McNichol summed it by saying, “Thanks to Mrs. Barnes and a lot of other supportive teachers around here, I’ve gotten the chance to learn some of my classmates and have a sense of belonging.”

Thanks to all our teacher and classmates, we all have a sense of belonging at IHS.