Inola Is All About Sports

The Inola HighSchool spirit propels our sports teams and students

Owen Earl Danker and Cheemong Lor


Owen Earl Danker and Cheemong Lor

The sports teams at Inola High School have a huge impact on school spirit and moral. the better our teams do the better people feel about going to school. When athletes play sports it gives them a reason to make good grades an do good in class. When the whole town can come out to a game and be together it helps the students get excited to go to school and do work. School spirit is raised when our sports teams accelerate above the competition.

As said by the junior Radley Keener : “At the beginning of the year the student section was rolling, it was pretty big, ya know everyone was chillin’.” The football team started the year at 3-0 and had a full crowd at each game and it helped them to some very close wins. As football is widely regarded as the most popular sport at Inola, it is a very fun atmosphere to be up in a close game and hear the crowd cheering the team on as loud as they can.

The volleyball team had full support from the school all year and it lead them to 2nd place in district games. They were being supported by all the families of the players and the schools students.

Basketball is starting soon with their first game on the first week of December. They have been practicing since October and have been putting together a team they hope will take the Longhorns to the post season.

Meanwhile wrestling is starting their practices with a full team. Their first dual tournament will be a border wars match at Jay.