Hottest Wild Fire of 2021?

Cheemong Lor


Cheemong Lor, Staff

On October 11, 2021, a small wildfire started up near the coast in Santa Barbara County, approximately 95 miles from Los Angeles. It spread fast and wide with high winds pushing it 40-50 miles per hour. Two weeks later on October 23rd, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff issued an evacuation order for the neighboring region due to flying debris. about 900 firefighters were dispatched to fight against the big wildfire day and night.

To this day the fire still hasn’t been fully contained and now has engulfed over 17,200 acres of land. I asked a science teacher from Inola, Courtney Williamson, how wildfires start and how we can prevent them in the future.

“There are several ways that any little spark can start a wildfire.” “Things happen so if you notice something like a small fire alongside the road call the fire department immediately before it can get to where it’s unable to be contained.” said Ms. Williamson