Homecoming Updates 2021-22

Selena Lor and Nallia Lee

Homecoming is just right around the corner. You know what that means? Dress up days and spirit week! As our student council president, Jonathan Menzel, and our student council vice president, Alisa Naten, has stated the theme is biomes. The dress up days are, Tuesday: Aquatic, Wednesday: Jungle, Thursday: Tundra, and Friday: Grassland or Farm. Please be mindful of the dress code. From September 28th to October 1st, there will be class hallway decorating. Each class has decided on a theme. Freshmen: Tundra, Sophomore: Grassland, Juniors: Aquatic, and Seniors: Jungle. You can only decorate before school and/ or after school. You can not decorate during school hours. Middle school will be judging and voting on which hallways is the best. The homecoming pep rally is on October 1st and the theme will be biomes as well. Feel free to participate and support your class