Inola Celebrates For Softball Senior Night

Cheemong Lor


Cheemong Lor, Staff

On Monday, September 19 2021, The Inola Softball Team pops off with a remarkable 19-1 win against the Catoosa Indians. During that night many memorable moments were created and captured. Senior night marks the near end of their journey and a moment to look back at all that has happened this year. We asked seniors Avery Cosper, and Keaton Ellis did senior night live up to their expectation, and was it fun?

Avery responded with “It shows how people really appreciate us, and to me I got to play with both my sisters my freshman year and that’s a big thing.”

The Thursday following senior night was one of their most important games of the season facing Cushing for the honor of hosting Bi-regionals. The game ended in unceremonious fashion for the Longhorns as they lost with a score of 10-0 against Cushing. but Inola still isn’t out of the league they still have more games to redeem themselves.