Welcoming New Teachers to Inola High School


Vanessa Mason and Sydney Biggs

With the start of the 2021-2022 school year, Inola schools have welcomed many new teachers. Among our new staff members, Mr. Elliot, Ms. Foster, Mr. Martinez, Ms. Meeker, and Mr. Marcotte. After being interviewed over what they like about Inola as well as anything unexpected they experienced and any challenges they faced, many had similar aspects of Inola that surprised them.

Many of these teachers were surprised by the closeness of the community, regarding the students and the staff. Mr. Martinez frequently stated he was enjoying getting to know the students and their uniqueness compared to the school he taught at before. Mr. Martinez and Mr. Elliot were both taken aback by how rural Inola schools are, while others, like Ms. Meeker who went to Inola schools when she was a student, knew more or less what the community was like already.

Though they are all enjoying the start of the school year, one of the more recurrent unexpected aspects of Inola was its use of Wen-gage, a computer program utilized for grades. Even with the few challenges that have popped up, our new teachers have been enjoying the school year so far.

We greatly appreciate our new teachers and welcome them into our schools!