A Magical Night

Prom 2021!!!

Brooklyn Fuller and MaryGrace Maner


MaryGrace Maner and Brooklyn Fuller

Prom 2021 was definitely one for the books! We actually got to party, mask-free! This year, it was at Camp Loughridge, and everyone loved it. The theme of prom was cottage-core, and the venue fit perfectly. They did a great job doing the decor, and matching that to the cottage-core aesthetic! As Bailey Russell said, The best parts of prom is getting dressed up and having a great night, and going to eat out with friends. She is right about that! As everyone says, these are the best years of your life! This years dance floor at prom was great. Tyler Gleason says, “When I go to prom, I go to dance!” I mean who doesn’t love to dance at prom! Not to mention, everyone looked fantastic! This year wins best dressed, for sure! Junior Prom King and Queen were Brinlea Brockup, and Ryan Philips. The senior Prom King and Queen were Josh Sherrod and Mishael Bynum! It is fair to say this was one magical night!