Special Olympics “Fun Day”

Go Longhorns!


Kaylee Burns, staff

Saturday, April 17 is an important day for Inola Special Olympic Athletes.
For the past two years, Covid has cancelled the Special Olympic festivities. Due to the cancellation, our athletes have not been able to compete in the state games, but due to the hearts and determination of our teachers, our athletes will have their time to shine.
Saturday, 9am at the Inola High School Football Field, the students will be given the opportunity to show off their skills and talents in the events of: turbo jav, standing long jump, running long jump, 50m dash, 100m dash, 200m dash and 400m walk.
“It would mean so much to the students to see and hear fans cheering them on” said Mrs. Bynum, who coaches and teaches the students. “And they have all worked very hard.” Students will receive medals for their hard work, and having fans in the stands would make it even more memorable.
Admission is free, so join the crowd and cheer on some of our favorite Longhorn athletes!