Canvas Painting

Kaylee & Vanessa’s Crafty Corner

Kaylee Burns and Vanessa Mason


Vanessa Mason and Kaylee Burns

With spring approaching, you’re more likely to want to surround yourself with flowers and color. If you are looking for a fun and easy project to fill your room with just that, we’ve got you covered. 

All you’d need for this simple project is a canvas the size of your choosing and painting supplies. You don’t have to be extremely creative to do this project; it’s simplicity makes it obtainable for anyone. To get started you’d need to paint over the canvas with whatever color you wish. Muted pastels have a nice aesthetic to them, but more vibrant colors work nicely as well. After you’ve layered your colors and achieved a solid-colored background, you can begin on your flowers! Colors that stand out from the background tint seem to look best. 

After you’ve thrown in some swirls for flowers, you can either add different flowers with other colors, or you can move onto the foliage. Leaves can really tie your painting together, creating flowers that are bunched together and seemingly part of a whole. Though this is optional, at the very end you can grab a gel pen and add in finer details, really making your painting come to life. After that, you have a lovely painting preparing you for spring!

These effortless paintings not only make a great thing for you to make for yourself, but to gift as well! If you’re having trouble with what to do for a friend’s or family member’s birthday, these will make a lovely gift without being too much of a hassle. These would also make wonderful presents with Mother’s day fast approaching. Whatever you decide to do, Happy painting! 

For a detailed tutorial visit the link provided