DIY Worry Pets

Episode 1. Kaylee and Vanessa’s Crafty Corner

Kaylee Burns and Vanessa Mason


Kaylee Burns and Vanessa Mason

As a part of a new monthly article series, The Crafty Corner, Kaylee Burns and Vanessa Mason have accomplished the series’ first project, worry pets.

Worry pets are another form of an anxiety ball. They are soft, squishy and are the perfect size to easily hold in your hand. These worry pets have safety eyes pinned on them to make an adorable pet to melt all of your worries. The worry pets shown are crocheted, though there are many different ways to make something to the same effect. 

If you have ever tried your hand at crocheting or are even a complete beginner, a worry pet would be a great project to start off with, and a well-needed one. The crocheting process provides comfort to many, and the result of an adorable anxiety ball is something several would find they have a need for at the moment. Not only are worry pets a great first-project, but they hardly take any time to make and you’ll find they pile up pretty quickly, which is great seeing as the past year has made a need for a tub-full of them. 

So if you have some free time on your hands and you find some yarn laying around you can try and make some worry pets for yourself! Attached to this article you’ll find a tutorial for beginners on how to crochet a perfect ball. Worry pets would make a wonderful and quite cute gift for anyone, though you might find you have the desire to hoard them all to yourself. 

If you would like to purchase a worry pet for $5 reach out to Sophomore, Vanessa Mason!

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