Shooting For The Stars

Basketball Homecoming

Vinny Parker


Vinny Parker and Baylea Russell

Basketball homecoming was a hit. Inola basketball took Catoosa basketball to the ground with a big win.

Everyone was on the edge of their seats when Catoosa would catch back up, but Inola was one step ahead of them. Inola kept around a 20 point lead most of the game. The big ending score was 70 to 51.

Zach Biggs said, “We blew them out, and it felt really good!” Since it was homecoming night, it made the win even better.

During homecoming, two elected seniors won homecoming king and queen. Zach Biggs won king and Kylee Day won queen. It was an exciting pair.

When Zach Biggs won, he said, “ I wasn’t expecting to win, so it was nice to win something.” Inola has done an amazing job so far in the season.