Should Thanksgiving be Cancelled?

Thanksgiving 2020

Kaylee Burns and Vanessa Mason


Kaylee Burns and Vanessa Mason

Covid19 has affected all of our lives in several ways, and many wonder how it will affect the holidays. With Thanksgiving coming up quick, some are asking whether or not the normal Thanksgiving traditions are the way to go this year.

Most Thanksgiving traditions include gathering with family and friends to feast on customary Thanksgiving foods. Days are going by fast, and holiday planners have to consider if these traditions are the best way to go for the safety of their loved ones.

Abbi Diaz De Lion felt that Thanksgiving dinners should most definitely still be held, but that people should limit the amount of people that meet up so as to keep everybody safe.

Kaylee Burns shared a similar opinion with Abbi, stating that we should stay on the safe side when coming together. She pointed out that others could have an underlying health condition others may be unaware of, and putting thought into how we meet for Thanksgiving and how many people we meet with is something we need to consider.

Mrs. Barnes plans to meet with her family but will take certain measures to protect them. She believes that Thanksgiving should not be cancelled, but instead should be held while taking steps to keep everyone safe.

Though everyone is ready for things to return to normal, it’s important to be considerate of others and stay safe by celebrating in smaller groups. Meeting in smaller groups for Thanksgiving is a wonderful way to celebrate and have fun while still taking precaution.