Fall Favorites

Isaiah Burns and Kloe Wofford


Isaiah Burns and Kloe Wofford

Fall has finally arrived and people are bringing out their hoodies and warmer clothing. As the weather starts to change, and the leaves begin to fall there are many activities people enjoy during this season.

One of the most known activities is pumpkin carving. Pumpkin carving originated hundreds of years ago in Ireland where they carved potatoes and turnips. Pumpkins are from North America. They were found by French explorer Jacques Cartier. Now there are more than 2 billion pumpkins grown in the U.S. every year.

Going to a haunted house is a tradition for many people during the fall season. A British amusement ride manufacturer invented haunted houses in 1915. The first haunted house was a nonprofit in a residential neighborhood with shaking floors, dim lights and people screaming. Haunted houses later became a staple in the fall season.

Corn mazes are the main attraction at many pumpkin patches. The first modern corn maze was created in 1993 by Don Frantz and Adrian Fisher. The first corn maze was 3 acres and had a 1.92 mile long path. Corn mazes were made as a way for corn farmers to generate income from tourists, and now are enjoyed by people worldwide.