TikTok Scandal

Brooklyn Fuller


Brooklyn Fuller, staff

Over the weekend of “September 19th-20th” TikTok was set to be banned once again.

Walmart ended up buying TikTok and as of now it is a permanent staple in the lives of many teens and adults. The company bought TikTok for 12 billion dollars. TikTok is a social app where people around the globe make all types of videos. The videos include dancing, comedy, acting, story times and a lot more. People can express themselves on TikTok in so many ways and can start trends. You can also go viral real easy on TikTok no mater who you are, and whether adult or teen, everyone is welcome.
Lindey Moss said, “ TikTok shouldn’t be banned because that’s how people express themselves and that’s how some brands get recognized.”
TikTok was released September 2016. It was originally called Musical.ly but then ByteDance bought the company. A lot of people think TikTok is spying on us and taking our information because it is owned by the Chinese government. For this reason TikTok was getting banned, but TikTok has helped so many people through this quarantine. Most people started to grow their followings over quarantine.
Garret Cook said, “My favorite part about TikTok is seeing all the amazing talented people and that they have a platform to express themselves.”