Homecoming 2020

Inola Longhorn Football

MaryGrace Maner


MaryGrace Maner, Staff

Homecoming was a little different this year, because of the corona-virus.
In order to prevent anyone from getting the virus, and because the king has a girlfriend, they only hugged. Another reason it was different was because it was very early in the football season. In the homecoming court was Landon Prows, Dalton Diacon, Trey Maple, Garret Cummins and Josh Keller. The queen candidates were Emma Bell, Cali Crane, Savanna Cosper, Ashlee Patterson and Sidney Riedl. The king and queen were Landon Prows and Emma Bell.
Everyone was very thankful to have homecoming this year because most schools didn’t have it. One of the candidates, Sydney Riedl, was quarantined during homecoming, so she was on facetime while everything happened in homecoming.  Even though she really wasn’t there, she still able to be a part virtually. Landen Prows said that it was weird, because Sidney was not present to walk down with him and homecoming was a lot shorter than usual.
It was still exciting to see all of the students come together after being quarantined for seven months. It was also fun to see all of the cheerleaders, football players and trainers walk down the field for homecoming.
Emilee Patterson said, “My favorite part about homecoming was cheering and watching the game. Even though I loved everyone’s dresses, Cali Crane’s was my favorite.”
Emma Bell said, “I was nervous I was going to fall down, or trip on my dress (probably like everyone else).
Homecoming 2020 was great.