2020 Volleyball Season

Miller Weast


Miller Weast, staff

 The Inola Longhorns Volleyball season looked a little differently this year. Due to Covid-19 the players weren’t able to participate in all of their scheduled games.
Most of their games got rescheduled and moved back. Despite the girls not being able to play or practice, they still kept a positive attitude and gave it their all at every game. The team’s record for the 2020 season is 12-9. The team is ranked 11th in the state. The girls say that their team goal for this season is to win a state championship. One of the tournaments Coach Swope is especially proud of the girls for winning, is the Green Country Smash Tournament. When the girls were asked if they would rather be quarantined at home or be at school, most of them said they missed their friends at school. One of the volleyball players mentioned that they don’t just think of each other as teammates, but as family.
Coach Swope stated, “We spend more time together in volleyball season than we spend with our own families.” The girls are very good at their positions, and they work very hard. Their hard work pays off in every game they play. The girls also share a lot of memories with each other.
When freshman Brooke Walker was asked what her favorite memory was, she said “The bus rides were definitely the funniest part.”
Senior Emma Bell stated that “Going to Walmart for Melissa” was her favorite memory. Even though the girls’ volleyball season was different this year, they still made the most of it.