Chrome Books vs. Handwritten Papers

Allison McGowan


Allison McGowan, Staff

Chrome Books vs. Paper

This year, due to the coronavirus, students have been using chrome books for almost all our work. After talking with students, many students preferred computers over handwritten paper.

Students prefer computers, saying it’s easier to keep up with work. Teachers interviewed say they liked the chrome books better because it made it easier for them to grade and they were more able to see what everyone was missing. Some teachers liked doing blended more, just depending on what the classwork for that day was. Many teachers said they would prefer to do blended once the pandemic calms down and they even thought the students liked that more. What the teachers don’t like about the chrome books are “the internet sometimes messes up,” then they can’t do anything about it.
I personally prefer using a blend with mainly chrome books. It’s easier to find what you’re missing. What I don’t like about using chrome books all the time is, it is definitely more difficult to do when you are distance learning.