Adams Family Musical 2020

Katie Bynum


Katie Bynum, Staff

The Adams Family Musical


Every year, Inola High School puts on a musical. Last April was supposed to be the production of The Adams Family. Students practiced and prepared for the upcoming show. Unfortunatly, due to covid-19, the production was unable to go on. Practice had to come to an immediate halt. Some students were devastated but the most affected by the cancelation were the seniors that graduated. If you would like to be a part of the Adams Family crew, listen for information in the morning announcements. There will also be posters and sign up sheets by the High School office and by the choir room if you are interested. If you want to be a part of the behind the scenes action, such as tech crew and decorations, please contact either Miss Tice or Mrs. Riedl via email. “We will be having auditions to replace the seniors that graduated last year. We will need to hold auditions for some of the main roles and some of the ensemble roles. There will diffidently be auditions again in December if everything goes on as it should. We’ll probably still do auditions even though we don’t know exactly what the spring will look like.” – Miss Tice

People that have been a part of past musicals will tell you that it creates a sense of being a part of a family. You get to spend all this time doing dance routines and practicing lines and you get to have a ton fun. They’ll tell you that it really is something special. “It really is an exciting thing to be a part of.” – Tyler Gleason

“It’s a great way to spend your extra time and a great way to maybe make some new friends.” – Abbi Diaz De Leon