Covid Restrictions in Cross Country

Cross Country Interviews

Joshua Sherrod


Joshua Sherrod, Staff

Inola Varsity Cross Country has been successful so far this season. Both teams look very good and show great potential.
In particular our girls team is very good and are the best they have been in awhile. Although our boy’s team only has two on the team, they both have good determination and are doing well.
This is Coach Thompson’s first year coaching Cross Country, so I was interested to see how the difference has been from football, golf, and basketball.  As he makes his rookie debut as the head coach, he has been very successful and determined. He has the same goals in mind for Cross Country as he does for his other sports. He wants to make his athletes tougher, go out and compete and win. He states they are already doing this.
Coach Thompson actually sat down with his athletes to talk about their goals in depth, which you rarely see with many coaches. Each athlete has received a note from him stating how they have improved from day one to now.  His main goal is to get everyone to qualify for the state meet, and he believes this can easily be accomplished if they continue to go out and give it everything they have got.  This is senior Zach Biggs’s and Olivia Winkler’s last year, and they realize that. They have been putting in extra work day in and day out to finish their careers as hard as possible.