Students Serving Others

Inola NHS Inofrmation 2020

Kaylee Burns


Kaylee Burns, Staff

Inola National Honors Society is based on the core values of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. This year has been a little different in terms of less opportunities to receive hours. This year students are required to earn a minimum of 40 hours, and officers are required to earn a minimum of 50 hours for the year. They will need to turn in 10 hours before fall break, 10 before Christmas break, 10 before spring break and their final 10 before summer break. Some ways students can get hours is by serving anyone that is not related to them. Simple ideas include helping a neighbor with yard work, babysitting and serving at church. There are several non-profit organizations that can use the help of students. An idea for example, is making mats out of plastic sacks or jump ropes out of t-shirts. There are organizations that the items can be donated to. The hours that were spent on the project can then be use for NHS hours. The NHS officers have been discussing several ideas to bring the group together. They would then provide the students in NHS with hours. They will be selling Spook-O-Grams to the students in grades Pre-K-12. Hours will be provided for selling them during lunches and assembling them. The proceeds received from the fundraiser will then be used to put together care packages for the homeless. More information about the fundraiser will be announced as the date gets closer. If any students have questions regarding NHS or receiving hours they should contact Mrs. Orrender, Dr. Harris or the officer in charge of their group. The officers are Kaylee Burns, Josh Sherrod, Tessa Orrender, Brittney Leach, Keaton Ellis and Jonathan Menzel.