Quarantine Tingz


Tucker Ford, Staff

Due to Covid-19 many people have been put into quarantine.  Interview two people, asking them what their favorite activities were while in quarantine. The two people were teacher, Tyler Swope, and sophomore student, Macy Hutchinson. Mr. Swope’s three favorite things to do were watch Seinfeld with his wife, spend time with his family, and his favorite thing to do was play golf. Macy’s favorite things to do during this time were quite different from Mr. Swope. She liked to stay inside and watch Netflix a lot. Her favorite show to watch was Criminal Minds. She also enjoyed sleeping when she wasn’t watching Netflix. Over the last year everyone in the United States was in quarantine at some point. There are many things you can still do while quarantined. One of my favorite things to do was get on my PlayStation and play nba2k with my friends. Also, I liked going to the park by my house and going to play basketball for hours. During the summer while we were quarantined I liked to go swimming a lot because it was so hot this summer. Everyone was quarantined this summer for months so many people watched a lot of TV shows, and caught up on all their shows. People also liked to go for walks and runs around their neighborhood. I would always see at least 5 people going for a walk at all times it felt like. Other than this, many people including my father, liked to do yard-work, or projects they have always wanted to do, but never had the time to do so.