Haunted Maze

The Inola High School Haunted House

Vanessa Mason


Vanessa Mason, Staff

The Art Club has made a tradition to have an annual Haunted House every year in which they invest their time to create haunting objects and use face paint to devise monsters. Mrs. Riedl has cleared up how the pandemic has affected the Haunted House, explaining that in order to make things safer, this year will sport a Haunted Maze, which will be constructed out of hay bales and where students will be able to enjoy horror outdoors. There will be two parts to this maze, a part during the day, which would be better suited for younger children, and a nighttime haunted part for those who really enjoy a scare. The Art Club does most of the planning for this project, determining the things needed to construct the maze, the budget and implements the creative aspects of the maze. Going with a different route than usual will be challenging, but fun and engaging to both the art club and the people wanting to participate in the maze. This year will be easier to contribute and participate in the making of the Haunted Maze, as it is open to not only the Art Club but Student Council as well. Anyone who wants to come and lend a helping hand can simply do so by coming by Mrs. Riedl’s art room and asking. NHS hours are also offered for coming and working on the Haunted Maze and the projects that go along with it. Although this year has changed many things, including the usual Haunted House, you can still appreciate the new Haunted Maze, and even participate in its construction as another way to relish this spooky season.