Not Just Excellent. We’re Superior

Inola Choir


Timothy Parker, staff

The choirs of Inola High School performed not only excellent, they were superior.
Four choirs were taken to the district contest in Pryor to be judged on performance and sight-reading. The Men’s and the Mixed Choir received the highest score of one, which is “superior,” in both subjects. The Women’s Choir got a one on the stage and a two, considered “excellent” in sight-reading. The middle school scored a two on the stage and a one for sight-reading. These scores were decided by three different judges.
To prepare for competition, the students put in many hours of rehearsal. A typical day of rehearsal consists of warm ups, sight-reading and lastly going over pieces they are working on. Sight-reading is the action of having three minutes to read the notes of a piece the performer has never seen before and then reciting that piece to the best of their abilities. The choirs’ scores earned them a spot at the upcoming state competition, which was a goal of theirs.
Ms. Tice, the choir director said, “The claim to fame has been very recent and all of the choirs have been working very hard to reach this goal.”