Play Like A Champion


Audrey Danker, Staff

Assistant girls basketball coach, Tyler Swope has a lot say about his team and their accomplishments.

Last week’s district game against Westville was huge win for the Lady Longhorns. Starting out the game and finishing it with amazing defense and creating many scoring opportunities on offense helping the girls get ahead of their opponent. This may have been their best team performance of the season. The team has worked hard all season long doing everything their coaches asked of them, all leading up to districts and regionals, and eventually even state. Championships are won at practice is a motivational statement these girls use quite often.

First round of regionals we face the Adair warriors. Two weeks ago we took them to eight points ending the game 59-51. Coach Swope tells us they feel good about their chances moving forward, they also feel like they have a real shot to compete. The girls are looking forward to the opportunity to compete against some really good teams. The Lady Longhorns are prepared for playoffs, all the challenges coming their way, and he believes they have worked hard enough to make it to the next level.