Pressure Makes Diamonds

IHS Basketball


Olivia Winkler, Staff

Coach Barkley was excited about the Longhorn win Friday night.
“They were excellent. It was good. They put a lot of effort into the win and sometimes that’s all you can do. That’s what will help them win at the end of the day,” said Coach Barkley.
And win they did. The Longhorns won last Friday night against Westville, putting down the Yellowjackets 51 to 30. At halftime the score was 30 to 19. In the third quarter, the Horns kept their distance, ending the quarter with the score of 47 to 26.
The overall pace of the game. The Longhorns held the lead the entire game, so the players and fans alike were anticipating taking home the District plaque. The win against Westville advances the Horns to regional play in Adair on Thursday.