Teams of the Decade

Tucker Ford and Dalton Norman

Dalton Norman, Staff

Over the last decade (2010-2019) there have been an abundant amount of great teams and players, across all sports. We decided to break them down, as well as, get some opinions from knowledgeable coaches around the school.

To start we will point out the obvious; the best NBA team of the decade is the 2016-2017 Golden State Warriors. They were “stacked” , as some people would say, With arguably two of the top three shooters of all time, in Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson; and arguably the best all-around scorer on the team, it is hard to beat that kind of talent between just those three. Tim Combs gave some high praise to the point guard, saying “Curry alone has changed the game”.

The best college basketball team is the Kentucky Wildcats of 2011. They had a 38-2 win-loss record and were the Champs of the NCAA. With Anthony Davis being one of the best basketball players of this era along with multiple other NBA players, coached by one of the best in the business in John Calipari. Tyler Swope disagrees, he believes the 2018 Villanova Wildcats are the best of the decade. He pointed out that they have four rotational NBA players off that team and won the Final Four game and Championship game both by double digits. Ultimately it is a toss up between multiple teams.

Lets switch it over to football, starting with the NFL, the 2016 New England Patriots are the best. They have one of the best quarterbacks ever, one of the best coaches ever. A combo like that does not come around, hardly ever. They completed the greatest come back probably ever to win the Super Bowl. That being there sixth championship.

College Football’s best has to be the most recent Champion, in the Louisiana State University Tigers. They had five team members win a personal award; their quarterback, Joe Burrow, winning four awards for himself including the Heisman Trophy. Our middle school principal,  girls basketball assistant coach, and one of the smartest sports watchers, Jeff Unrau agrees with me.

What about the MLB? I think it is the 2016 Chicago Cubs. They ended their drought from a championship of 108 years. The roster was great along with their coaching. It is safe to say the 2016 cubs are the best of the decade.


Other Great Teams:

2013 Oklahoma Softball

2014-2015 Barcelona Soccer team