This Decade’s Best Injuries

This Decades Best Injuries

Kaleb McGowan and Emily Diacon

What’s the worst sports injury you can remember? Well here you can find some of the most gruesome injuries we have found. There’s nothing better than sitting down and watching a good game on the tv. One minute your watching a good game the next you see some of the worst injuries theses sports have seen!!!! We are going to start off with Kevin Ware with a nasty tibia break. The Louisville Star was out for a year for surgery and physical therapy. The next injury is John Wall tore his Achilles falling the stairs at home he has been out since January 2019 with no return date mentioned. To start off our honorable mentions Gordan Hayward who  fractured his ankle in the first game of the season in 2019 and was out for the rest of the season. Up next is Paul Greorge who snapped his tibia in half playing team USA. Shaun Livingston tore his ACL,PCL,sprained his MCL,dislocated his patella and dislocated his tibio- fibular joint. This happened when he was playing for the Charlotte Bobcats.