What is your favorite Disney movie from the last decade?


RSBPhoto1 / Alamy

Olivia Winkler and Audrey Danker

When I think about Disney, I automatically think about the Disney castle. From when you first turn on the movie and it gives you that magical sound, and you just know it is going to be a good movie.  What do you think about or look at before you decide to watch a Disney movie? Is it the way its rated or the way people talk about it, in a way that makes you want to watch it. We have asked some kids to tell us what their favorite movies that are from the last decade. Disney is every kids childhood in a way at some time. We have all grown up watching it since we were little. It is a part of us, it shapes us in a way that we can’t explain. Everytime I watch  a disney movie I think back to my childhood. Disney is everything that kids stand for. It stands for anything from believing in yourself to believing in others. It shows the love from one person to another and the way anyone can come together as one.