Technology in the Decade

Destiny Massey


Destiny Massey, Staff

Technology has grown in many ways this past decade. There have been a large variety of phones, smart watches, home security, scooters and many more.
This decade has been through a series of six iPhones from 2010 to now. The iPhone 4 came out in 2010 and the newest iPhone 11 pro came out in September 2019. So smartphones would not get lonely, the smartphones were introduced. Apple, Samsung and Fitbit are just a few of the players in this game. Apple has five, Samsung has three, and Fitbit has about seven different styles. In 2016, Apple came out with wireless, bluetooth earbuds – the AirPods; they have been a popular ever since with several other less expensive, yet high-quality off-brand options.
Another popular tech innovation has been the voice-controlled personal assistant. Manufacturers have answered the voices of consumers and produced Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod. Consumers plug these devices in and and then they assist them with everyday tasks. Home security cameras and systems have also taken a big turn in the past few years. Whether inside or out, homeowners want to get a better look at what is happening at their house. With current technology, homeowners can check their phone or computer and see if someone is at their front door. Parents can even use it to see what their children are doing while the parents are not home; so, children beware.
In 2018 Tulsa put scooters out for people to ride in the town. It only costs a few dollars to ride per person and allows users to move with ease through the streets of downtown. People have also found an interest for hover boards. Another one of the biggest ways technology has grown has been through social media. Social media is where everyone now finds what is happening around the world. They find it from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.