Inola’s League of Legends.


Tucker Ford, Staff

Today we interviewed multiple sources, including the E-Sports teacher here at inola, Todd Dixon. He cited that, “E-Sports is very helpful in the fact that it helps people who don’t play athletics, or really aren’t involved in the school, it makes them feel welcomed and connected to the school.” We also interviewed two students that signed up for the E-Sports team, Luke Gregoli and James Rinke. They both were very familiar with the games that will be included for E-Sports. They claimed that, “they have been playing and enjoying many video games since a very young age.” They talked about many video games that they were excited for this year including, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, and Smite. They also mentioned that they were sad that call of duty was not included at the moment for Inola E-Sports. You might ask, why are we bringing it to Inola? We are bringing E-Sports to Inola to help and coincide with our fairly new stem program in Inola. Coach dixon went to conferences this summer about stem and saw some very advanced E-Sports team. He was excited to bring E-Sports to Inola. He volunteered for the teacher position of E-Sports.